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Meandering Thoughts
(-or- Wondering Where the Hell I Am)
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15th-Apr-2009 02:38 am - RANDOM CRAZY NONSENSE

Why is it so hard to tell someone we love them? Inquiring minds and all that.
They have blue and pink portapotties here, and 90 percent of people have self segregated.
Sitting by the lake, downtown Austin as the backdrop for a stage, Arcangels headlining a free show, and I happily admit, I love me some ATX. Happy spring!
Does all the fighting we do online mean more or less in the real world?
18th-Mar-2009 01:01 am - Southern Dogface (Zerene cesonia)

Today, an element comes to fluttery life with this picture of a sulphur butterfly.

They're tricky to distinguish, but this Southern Dogface is unique because of the decoration on the upper wing. The black spot is an eye, and the lighter area around (if you squint), looks like the face of a dog.

I'm sure you've probably connected the dots by now.

If you care to check out the larger version, click here, yoCollapse )

(Now that I see it againt, the "face" looks more like a fish, but Southern Fishface has, like, zero cachet.)

Two girls in a hottub, equals good times, as long as there are two guys. Do the math.
15th-Mar-2009 12:48 am - Bee-mimic Fly

Bee-mimic Fly, originally uploaded by coolmajaka.

Quite pleased with this shot. He was buzzing around about ten feet above the ground and fifteen feet away, but with my handy dandy 75-300mm lens and a lot of shots, I manged this happy result.

Feeling pretty good about the last few weeks worth of shots -- I think I'm actually starting to become a halfway decent photographer.

And this coming week, following several inches of rain, is supposed to feature temps in the 80s. *rubs hands together in glee* Can't wait!

Biggun behind the cutCollapse )

Uncle Lucius rocked, the lighting was abysmal.
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