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David Reagan
11 January 1974
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First and foremost -- I live in the ATX, or Austin, TX for the suckers at home. While most people will extoll the virtues of their home city or town, in my case, it's true.

I was born in Dallas and grew up in the Metroplex, escaping to Austin on April 29th, 1999. Don't get me wrong, I'm a city boy, I just like the city to be a bit under 1 million people. In Austin, you still run into people you know all over the place, from the Barton Creek Greenbelt to the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

I've been writing seriously for about five years, basically since I discovered the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Using this method of critiquing and being critiqued has taught me a tremendous amount about what it takes to be a well rounded writer.

My writing goal for 2007 is to write a Story a Week -- 52 weeks, 52 stories (a methodology preached by jaylake). I'm documenting my efforts on my website, and here on the blog.

That should keep me busy. Especially when you add my slush reading duties for The Town Drunk. You can read about my experiences in the slushpile on this blog or over at thetowndrunk, or at my website's Slushmonkey page.

I also enjoy taking photos. Check out some photos I've taken of Mexican free-tailed bats by clicking here.


Eternal Kitten  Indy Men's Magazine  July 2004 (Read it here)

On the Seventh Day They Fled  "Medicine Show" Vol. 1 of the Liquid Laughter Anthology Series  November 2006 -- on the shelf at [Barnes and Noble] -- [Amazon]

Only The Neck Down  Futurismic  July 2006

Lunatics on Pogo Sticks  "Freedomhowler, Finchley, and Co." Vol. 2 of the Liquid Laughter Anthology Series  February 2008

One Choice, No Decisions  Renard's Menagerie  forthcoming

Solitude Ripples From the Past  Futurismic  forthcoming

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